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OK, you have your 82-92 Firebird / Trans am, and you want to begin a conversion. What do you need, what colors, who to buy from, how to install …the questions come flooding in to your mind. there is so much to take in, KITT / KARR is not an Easy replica, but Extremely rewarding, and so much fun as long as you dont fall into the Drama pools.
First, we suggest that you don’t use the word “cheap” lightly. We see this far too often. Nothing in this build will be cheap. Be prepared to spend between $60.00 – $3200.00 in just one purchase. But we will try to help you with guidance on things to help smooth the path ahead, and help you with saving as much as you can.

Vendor, Vendor, Vendor, Whodayatrust, hubba hubba hubba, Whodayatrust????
Thats Why this site was created. to help remove any and all question. if its on this page, the vendor who supplies it is 110% Trustworthy, Always striving for excellence, and Always trying to make sure the customer is Completely satisfied.  Please pay attention to some of the vendors you see, or some that may be suggested. a Few out there are Novice, and havent learned who to trust…  We are the Signal in the sky, to help guide you to a Awesome replica!
One of our goals is to make sure you have a Fun build, and do not get taken advantage of by Known scammers….
Please be Very mindful of where you purchase parts. The First, is Vincenzo Forte, from Bari Italy. He has 2 Ebay accounts, kitt-vincenzo-knight and kitt.supercar. Please make sure you pay close attention to kitt.supercar, which he created to confuse buyers of a Legitimate ebay seller, kittsupercar < No Period between the 2 > He also has a website… knightriderconversion. He is Very aggressive with trying to make sales. To date, we’ve been able to find over $75,000 he has taken in payment, and parts never delivered. He claims always the Best quality parts in the world, However, if you do Very little digging on Facebook, you’ll find Quite the opposite is said.
Also, is KnightRiderStore, Located in Estonia. He has been on the scene for a short time, but has already been found to be taking payments, then never delivering. Even some of his former suppliers have stopped selling to him because of his thefts. He has gotten a Few people to make claims of getting their items, and being very pleased, however theres no proof of a transaction. Until We see something showing this individual has Gone on the Straight and narrow, we will Continue to Recommend customers avoid
Where can i get the animations seen on KITTs Screens?2020-05-10T20:57:18+00:00

Great question, and here’s an answer you’ll appreciate… On This website, Free! head over to https://knightindustriesofkentucky.com/downloads/

What kind of colors will I need?2019-07-29T16:32:03+00:00

What is the exterior color?

The first and most Obvious, Black. We all know this, But there are many variants  to choose from, as not all black paint are the same.
We use PPG Deltron DBC2000, Which is a Deep Jet Black used on many GM vehicles.

But what about Carpet, Seats, Headliner?

Carpet – Proper carpet color is Medium Doeskin and can be found easily at Hawk Motor Sports via link.  You can of course look elsewhere, but we would like to make your journey as simple as we can . Most of the big sites will sell u the exact same carpet, made by the same company. 

​Seats – You will want to find PMD seats, used from 1982-1984. They can be hard to find, even more difficult to be found in good condition, not rusted or damaged. Typically always need to have restoration work. Seat covers are Encore Velour Sandstone / Part number U405 P775E

Doors – Correct door panels to match DP305-CHP775 Encore Sandstone/ Almond-Tan Carpet/Palomino Vinyl
can be ordered by clicking Here.

Or you can buy all the cloth materials in one purchase by clicking Here

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