OK, This is our Season 2 Ready to install Dashboard! When it arrives to you, you wire a 12v and ground plug, which is provided with the dash, Set the Dashboard into your car, hook up 3 plugs, and Power it up! The Quick connect harness provided will get all of your Vehicle sensors properly connected to the dashboard electronics.

This Dash will be Built with ZA Electronics, and Pod Electronics,  2 5″ LCD Screens,Remote Power module, allowing you to turn on/off your dash with a Remote control.

The time to Deliver, Varies by the current backlog of Fiberglass work. We have Partnered with one of the Very best Fiberglass guys in the community, Mr Ricardo Vera. And He, like us, Work as a Small 1 man team, and Neither of us like to leave imperfections! so Wait time, is Generally 5-7 months. If you want it Faster, we can use the Fiberglass from Knight Passions, Typically 6-7 Weeks to deliver to us for build

Shipping is Determined when the Dash is completed. We use a Private Courier, so 1 Person, and 1 Truck is used from Pick-up to drop-off, ensuring it arrives to you in the Exact condition it left our shop. Shipping cost is based upon your Location in the USA, and Typically is Always lower than UPS/FedEx & DHL